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Volunteer Opportunities

Hinkletown Mennonite School is a patron owned and operated school. What does that mean? It means that the success of the school is dependent upon not only the financial contributions of families but through generous contributions of their time and God-given gifts and abilities. The patron families not only have a responsibility to serve but a huge opportunity to set an example for the students at the school as well as their children at home.

HMS has a high level of volunteerism and we believe that makes us a better school community. When a parent or other family member is involved in the learning process it dramatically increases the educational benefit for the child and the family as a whole.

Patron families are not the only ones who have the capacity to serve at HMS. Grandparents, alumni and other community persons are welcome and encouraged to volunteer because God calls us to give our whole hearts, time, talent, and resources to build up the Kingdom of God. There is no distinction between what is God’s and what is ours. We are called to share.

The mission statement of HMS includes encouraging students to be reflective, caring, and responsible servants for Christ in the Global community. What better way to ensure this truth than by modeling it ourselves.

If you would like to volunteer at HMS please contact Melissa Beidler at or 354-7100 ext.7.



Ways for Non-patron families to volunteer:

Serve Hot Lunch

Grounds work (ex: flowers beds, mowing, walking trail, etc.)

Maintenance (ex: carpentry, painting, general repair, etc.)

Clerical work for office staff and teachers

Library Aide (help re-shelve books)

Auction Committee

Chicken BBQ Fundraiser Committee

Middle School Drama (ex: directing, costumes, etc.)

Any other gifting that God has placed in your life to serve Him and others