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Enrichment Clusters


2014 03 13_0195_0.JPGHPIM1566_0.JPGEach spring, HMS offers students a chance to gain educational experiences outside of the classroom. All students in grade one through grade eight have an opportunity to choose a topic that interests them.   During a seven week period students explore that topic once a week for 70 minutes in a cluster of multi-aged students. Clusters are led by teachers, administrators, parents, grandparents, and community members. Some students travel off campus while others congregate in classrooms or work outdoors. Clusters provide an experience that is not only educational but fun and help meet an HMS goal of educating the whole child. 



2018 SET CLUSTERS  - Click here for the full SET cluster description (printable)

2018 Cluster grid image_0.jpg

* All kindergarten students will participate in the Explore Our Senses cluster. 


Previous SET Clusters

  • Aeroponics
  • American Sign Language
  • Aquaponics 
  • Horticulture 
  • Christmas Around the World 
  • Wonder Science
  • American Girl Experience 
  • Eric Carle Artwork
  • Farming 
  • Photography
  • Outdoor Survival Skills 
  • Be an Entrepreneur 
  • Become a Solar Power Expert
  • Birding 
  • Memorable Mural Making  
  • Scrapbooking 
  • Stand Up Comedy 
  • Struts & Springs Pit Crew  
  • Fables and Parables 
  • Geometric Design 
  • Greening of HMS 
  • Jewelry Design 
  • Kids Can Cook 
  • Knitting at the Village
  • Penguin Discovery 
  • Play/Outdoor Cooking 
  • Podcasting 
  • The Science of Sports 
  • Wonderful World of Legos