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"I believe every child deserves a Christian education. While Christian education starts at home, HMS is a good extension of that. My wife and I were thrilled at the way HMS helped to shape the hearts of our children, we have no regrets. I strongly support Hinkletown Mennonite School as a pastor and a parent."

Don Weaver

Associate Pastor

Weaverland Mennonite Church


"Since it's beginning Hinkletown Mennonite School has been known for a creative and quality educational program. The program is student centered and builds Christian character from an Anabaptist perspective."

J. Richard Thomas


Lancaster Mennonite School


"It is easy to see how the children that attend Hinkletown Mennonite School show spiritual growth, by freely participating in the same programs at school as in church, such as reading and memorizing the Scripture and worshiping the Lord. I encourage everyone to seriously consider registering their children at HMS; I have no doubt that they will see their children grow in their relationship with God. I support the ministry that HMS is doing with the children."

Mario Araya


New Holland Spanish Mennonite Church