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Distinctives of HMS

An HMS Education
HMS is a place where children are empowered through Christ-centered education. It is where children explore, parents participate and teachers nurture. Students are given the opportunity to discover and develop their God-given gifts in a nurturing Christian learning community.

The Basics and More
Along with reading, writing, math, and the other basic core curriculums, HMS offers its students Bible, art, computer instruction, music, and physical education classes. Students can take lessons on a variety of instruments and play in an ensemble as they develop as musicians. A learning support program provides instruction for students who need support to succeed academically.

In addition, middle school students have family and consumer science and can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. Opportunities are available in interscholastic and intramural sports, drama as well as the visual, vocal and instrumental fine arts.

Different Set of Values
We believe a Christian education is an important alternative in our society. At HMS the emphasis is on valuing children, honoring God and living a life of service to others. Many of the families are from the Mennonite faith tradition, but HMS welcomes families of all nationalities, races and denominations.

Individual Attention
At HMS we believe each child is a special gift with many unique and individual differences. Teachers work to recognize these differences and are committed to providing flexible learning that meets each student's individual learning style.

Respect for Others
The classroom is also a place where children learn to be loving, thoughtful and responsible citizens. Teachers encourage students to develop and show respect for others, while working and learning together in a cooperative manner. Special activities are planned throughout the year to teach awareness of needs, both in the local community and around the world, and to provide an opportunity for each child to respond to those needs.

A Global Emphasis
We help students to learn about and value the variety of the peoples and cultures in the world. Many of the staff at HMS have lived overseas. Each year a teaching assistant from another country comes to HMS through an international exchange program. Special activities and speakers are scheduled every year to expand the world-view of each student.

Professional Excellence
All teachers and staff are carefully selected on the basis of their spiritual commitment, as well as their professional qualifications. The majority have extensive experience and post-graduate study. All are committed to the HMS philosophy of caring.

Parents Participate
HMS thrives on parent involvement. Parents are in the school every day --- they serve as classroom volunteers, as Board members and on Parent Teacher Fellowship committees. Every parent has a standing invitation to visit classrooms and consult with teachers so they can be in close touch with what and how their children are learning.

Nurturing of Faith
Most importantly, we are committed to nurturing faith within the students. They are encouraged to see all truth as coming from God, the creator of the world and author of all knowledge. Activities are designed to help HMS students experience the reality of God's presence in their lives and the larger world.