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Melody Hartman Class Page

Middle School Information


Grade 6 - Math, Connected Mathematics 2, Prentice Hall

Grade 7 - Math, PreAlgebra, Prentice Hall

Grade 8 - Algebra, Prentice Hall Mathematics Algebra 1 



Grades 6 and 7

Our students are involved in the First in Math program that is based on the 24 Math Game. The 24 Game, which we have been using in the classroom,  teaches children relationships between numbers. The online version, First in Math, is a unique mathematics-teaching tool that engages students. Our students have a subscription to the online program which allows them to increase their math skills by playing games. Students can access the game both at school and at home. For more information look at the website at or contact me at


Lower School grades focus on learning to type using Mavis Beacon and learning basic computer skills.

Middle School grades focus on improving typing skills using Mavis Beacon in addition to the following:

Grade 6 - Microsoft Word

Grade 7 - Microsoft PowerPoint

Grade 8 - Microsoft Excel, iMovie, Google Docs