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Fine Arts Festival - May 17, 2018
Student Attire for evening performance

No blue jeans, shorts, t-shirts with writing, tank-tops or spaghetti straps. 

  • Boys: nice dress pants & shirt
  • Girls: skirt & nice top or dress (skirts & dresses should be knee-length or longer)
Middle School Guitar elective, Jazz elective, Worship Team & Chamber Choir
  • Boys: black pants, white dress shirt, tie
  • Girls: black pants or skirt (knee-length or longer), white top 

Afternoon Open Rehearsal: School clothes are appropriate. 


Schedule & Arrival Times 

1:30 pm    NEW! OPEN REHEARSAL - open to parents, grandparents, and friends from whom the afternoon is a better time than the evening. 

6:25 pm   String students report to Mrs. Cunalata in the gym
6:30 pm   Worship Team report to Mrs. Cunalata in the gym 
6:35 pm   Band members report to Mrs. Cunalata in the gym 
6:45 pm   All other students arrive 
               - Guitar & Jazz class students report to Mrs. Cunalata in the gym

UPDATED: Students not in another group listed above stay with their parents in the gym until 6:45 pm. 
               - Grades K-1 will be dismissed to their classrooms at 6:45 pm. They will sit with parents following their performance. 
               - Grades 2-3 will sit with their parents until dismissed during the program. They will return to parents following their performance. 
               - Grades 4-5 will sit with their classes in the gym, before and after their performance. 
               - Middle School students will sit with their classes in the gym, before and after their performance. 

7:00 pm   Program begins in the gym 

8:00 pm   Artwork and live music will be on display around the building.
               Refreshments prepared by 7th Grade Family & consumer Science class - served in the gym



Shuttle service from Hinkletown Mennonite Church may be needed. We are waiting to see if the ground dries out enough to allow parking on the grassy lot. A Parent Alert message will be sent to parents by lunchtime on Thursday to let families know what to expect. 



Catch a Taste: Food Critic Cluster reviews local eatery

Recently, the How to be a Food Critic cluster went to the Courtyard Cafe on Main in Denver. We had the chance to critique three of their dishes and to eat lunch while we were there.

The first thing we realized was how warm and welcoming the feel of the cafe was. It felt like home with their open kitchen where they prepare the coffee drinks, salads and sandwiches. The decorations were very pretty and gave the cafe a homey feel. Connie wanted to see what the bathrooms were like and came back with shining reviews. The overall feel of the place was really cozy. The decorations were currently spring themed. They made us feel very comfortable and it was overall very nice.

The service was very good and very fast. The woman at the cash register was friendly and addressed us in a very friendly and welcoming way.

We had the chance to critique three dishes. The carrot cake waffle, the four cheese pancetta and asparagus pizza, and the rustic pretzel griller. The food was very good, and everyone enjoyed the it. All the food was made from scratch which made everything better. It was made there at the cafe when we were there. The winning dish was the rustic pretzel griller because the flavor and texture was very good and everyone loved it.

We had an amazing time at Courtyard Cafe on Main. The service was very friendly and the decorations made everyone feel at home. The food was amazing; some of them even win awards! Everything was good, even the bathrooms. We would strongly suggest you go visit it soon! We want to thank Courtney for providing the food for us and giving us the chance to visit.