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Learning Resources for Parents of Young Children

Learning Can Be Fun--Engaging activities for you and your child

Resources provided byMrs. Jacque Rodgers, 1st grade teacher.  

Please note:  Websites content and navigation can change quickly.  Please review all websites before providing your children with access to these websites. 

Click here for printable PDF's of the resources listed below (including web addresses): 


Music Websites used in class

Dr. Jean Songs & Activities
       CD's: Sing to Read, Totally Reading, Totally Math

Jack Hartmann's Hop 2 It Music
       CD's:  Alphabet Zoo, Hip-Hop AlphaBop, Math in Motion

Song Support:  Catch a Brain Wave Fitness Fun

Aerobic CD's:  Cool Aerobics for Kids, Rockin' Aerobics, Aerobic Power for Kids

Educational Websites with Printable Activities

Word Bowling activity: Florida Center for Reading Research - Student Center Activities K-1. 
       This website has wonderful resources for making games for literacy

Roll, Say, Keep activity: - Click on Dolch Kit for sight word activities  

Go Fish & file folder games:  Carl's Corner
      This is another wonderful website with many printable activities. There are also books that you may print out for your child to read.  

Hubbard's Cupboard - There are printable activities throughout this website

Math Websites

Number/Numeral Word Recognition
The Number Game - Read the number word & pick the number that matches

Put It On The Shelf - Match the numerals with their corresponding number word

Rats! Catch the Numbers - Use the arrow keys to move the mouse & catch the specific number

1-2-3 Order
123 Order - Which number is missing?

Pattern Mania - Look at the pattern & decide what comes next.  Click on a picture to complete the pattern.

Matching Numbers with Sets
Count Your Chickens - Count the chickens! 

Shape Recognition
Rats! Catch The Shapes - Use the arrow keys to move the mouse and catch the specific shape

Put It On The Shelf - Match the shapes to the outline

Pattern Block Activities

Ordinal Numbers
Jan Brett's Ordinal Numbers - Look at the cats in a line.  Decide the position of the orange cat. Click on the ordinal number.

Squigly's Apples - Squigly is hiding one of the apples. Click on the ordinal numbers that tells the order of Squigly's apple. This game has 10 questions. 

Addition & Subtraction
Add 'Em Up! - Add the numbers & click on the correct answer.

Take It Away! - Subtract the numbers & click on the correct answer.

Tic Tac Toe - Practice your addition & subtraction facts while playig a favorite game!

US Mint for Kids - Identification of coins, design your own coin, learn interesting facts & more

$pending $pree - Pick the item that you would like to buy. Then choose the correct amount of coins you need to pay for that item.

What Time Is It? - Look at the analog clock & tell the time. Then pick the digital clock that shows the same time. 

Dynamo's Clockwise - Click on the clock face until it is the right time.

Dynamo's Matching Time - Memory Game with 3 different levels of play

Pizza Party - This game uses pizza to practice fractions! 

Literacy Websites

Letter Recognition
Clifford's Confusable Letters - Drag the words to the box that begins with the same letter.  Directions & words are read to the child.

Rats! Catch The Letters - Use the arrow keys to move the mouse & catch the specific letter.

Alphabet Action - Click on a letter to hear its name & see a picture

Uppercase & Lowercase Letters - Match uppercase & lowercase letters

Spring Bee - This little bee will help you review your ABCs!

2Bee or Notoobee - Grammar fun!  Read the sentence & select the correct verb!  This is a challenging game.

ABC Order
ABC Order - Find the letter that is missing

Alphabet Zoo - The animals at the Alphabet Zoo are all mixed up. Help to sort them by putting the animals in ABC order. 

Sound Recognition
Clifford's Sound Match - Drag the pictures that begin with a designated sound to the box.  Directions and pictures are read to the child. 

The ABC Game - Pick the object that starts with the letter shown at hte top of each page

Digby Mole's Word Game (Initial Letters) - Click on the word that begins with the same letter as ___.

Working With Words
Drag & Drop Game - Drag the pictures to the correct word box. Great for kids learning to read!

Book of Pooh Word Match - This is a cute game for beginning readers!

Clifford's Make A Word Game - Insert vowels into CVC words to make real words. Child-created words are read back.

Put It On The Shelf - Match the pictures to the words
      Three Letter Words
      More Three Letter Words
      Four Letter Words

Pooh's Balloons - Catch the letters that spell simple words